Wuo Tai Retreat

We had to postpone the 4 Day module with Roland Combes. New date (Winter 2023) coming soon.

There ist the possibility to join a weekend immersion into Wuotai with Verena Rabl starting friday afternoon. 2.6.-4.6.2023

more info: rablverena@hotmail.com

Dive into the world of bodywork

Wuo Tai – Myofascia

In this Module Roland Combes french Osteopath and founder of Wuo Tai guides you through the world of Myofascia.

Osteodance is lived connection between two bodies, an offering between you, me and the universe. It is an elegant fusion of osteopathy and dance, based on anatomical and embryological study.

The course is open to all without pre-requisites. The techniques learned in this course stand on their own but can also be very well integrated into other therapeutic modalities such as Shiatsu, Nuad etc.

780 Euros All inclusive (course, accomodation and full board)

More information and registration:

Your Teachers Roland and Nathalie Combes

4 days of Wuo Tai Mayofascia course- with Certificate
(1 of four modules of the first year training to become a Wuo Tai Practitioner)
More info here

Small group guarantees a great learning experience

regenerate in the beautiful austran nature on 1500m

delicious vegetarian and vegan meals

guided meditations with Verena every morning

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