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Elizabeth Abbene

The Embodied Arts Studio offers a variety of meditative practices under one roof. The essence of the studio is integration of body, mind, and spirit through practices that enhance mind-body coordination. The techniques offered will awaken poise, grace, strength, and the development of centered awareness. I have selected classes that will improve your physical health, mental clarity, and heighten your senses of perception. It is my hope that by participating in these programs you are able to enjoy increased vitality, and experience enjoyment, enthusiasm and inspiration in all areas of life.

Winter is the time when all living things withdraw and conserve. Your body and spirit need rest and relaxation to efficiently maintain functioning, to rejuvenate energy, and to digest the experiences of your life. Napping conscious relaxation, and sleep are all vitally important in maintaining health and balance, as is good nutrition. Also essential to your balance are the ways you move and breathe. Proper motion and breathing help prevent stagnation, not only in our physical lives, but also in our emotional, intellectual, and spiritual lives as well.

If you seek to be balanced and centered, concentrate on moving with purpose. Walk and act positively; do not sit too much, and be sure to stretch from time to time. Practicing moving with harmony, gracefulness, and purpose will assist you in the attainment of your goal of inner balance. Consider meditative practices such as Tai Qi or yoga. These exercises tone the outer and inner body by combining movement with proper breathing techniques.

Remember that nutritional education and coaching services are available at The Embodied Arts Studio. Contact me by clicking on "contact" at the top of this web site page and I will be happy to work with you on all your New Years wellness resolutions!


Check the calendar ofter for special classes, workshops, and informal discussion sessions. Contact me through the web site for more information or to schedule a Nutrition appointment. I look forward to working with you!

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"Elizabeth's classes are wonderful. She's taught me that it's about joy, fun and support!" - Debbie E

I absolutely love each of the Tai Chi classes Liz has taught! As she speaks, we adjust our breath, our pace, and a sense of calmness and peace spread through the room. Step by step we learn how to relax our minds and move with balance. Outside of class I am so much more aware now of the tension that creeps into my shoulders. Just remembering Liz's words helps me relax and feel more centered in the week between classes. Her class is the perfect antidote to the frantic pace of modern day life! - Pat J